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More CelebritiesBestow the Benefitsof the G.I. Diet

Kylie Minogue, Bill & Hillary Clinton - every so often a dietgets the backing of the rich and famous. The G.I. diet is the latest receiver and by the look of those doing the talking, it certainly seems to work.

G.I. deals with the sugars in food

What is the G.I. diet?

G.I. (glycemic index) is a rating given to foods with carbohydrate. It was discovered after analyzing the effect somefoods have on blood sugar levels. Somecaused big changeswhile others didn't. Thesechangesare represented on a scale and that scale istheGlycemic Index.

A high G.I. numberindicatesthe sugarwill be releasedvery quicklyand a low numbermeans a longer slower release. The aim is to consume more lower value foods.

How doesthe G.I. diethelp weight loss?

After eating alow G.I. foodyour energy levelsare smooth and constant. With a highvalueyour energy levelincreasessharply and briefly, thedrop is equally dramatic.Thedropmakes youfeel like having a snackthis is themain cause of weight gain.

The G.I. diet avoidsthe suddenrise and fallin energy levels so you're less likely to snack.Low G.I.foods tend to be low in caloriesand nutritionally well balanced. The diethas been scientifically tested asa toolfor weight loss, andwas proven successful.

Doesthe G.I. dietprohibit any food types?

Not all breads are the same when it comes to their G.I.

It hasno restrictions like a low carb one does. The G.I. numberis known for a wide range of foods and the diet only requires you eat the low ones most of the time.

Some food typescan vary enormously in their G.I. despite being the same type.White bread has a high number whereas whole mealbreadhas alow one. This is why an accurate list is a must.

Definitelyoneto consider

With the G.I. diet being good nutritionally you won't go shortof the vitamins and minerals you need. It's easy to follow andthe foods are cheap andreadily available. Thenature of the dietcentering aroundsugarmakes it ideal for diabetics.

Overallthe G.I. dietisrecommended. Get the best ofboth worlds by combiningit with a calorie controlleddietandyour weight will fly off.

Top Ten G.I. diet breakfasts

Sample list of foods and their G.I. values

Cucumber 15
Yoghurt 15
Grapefruit 25
Milk 32
Rye 34
Popcorn 55
White rice 58
Mars bar 64
Croissant 67
Mashed potato 70
Corn chips 74
Doughnut 76
Cornflakes 83
Brown pasta 92
Parsnips 97
Source and full list


All alcoholic drinks are bad for this diet, try to limit the amount and go for red wine if you have to.

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