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Dietingthe West Coast Way with the LA Weight Loss Diet

With LA fitness now being a global brand their LA weight loss centers are not far behind.With television commercials and the website both boasting great success for some. Here we review the la weight loss diet.

LA weight loss diet

What is the LA weight loss diet

The LA weight loss centers were established in 1984 and are owned and run by LA fitness. They combine their fitness centers with a weight loss program to incorporate a new lifestyle for their customers.

So successful is the LA weight loss program that they are able to open new weight loss centers in their own right. Combining fitness and weight loss in this way makes this a viable diet to explore.

What happens at the LA weight loss center

First you are given an appointment with an LA weight loss councilor. There you'll discuss your goals, what the diet entails and what it can do for you.

You are advised what you can eat in terms of protein, vegetables, fruits etc. plus there are the "LA Lite" bars. These are soy protein snacks that you purchase from the center as part of the plan. You arealso given a chart of allowable foods as part of the plan, a fitness program and a schedule to meet with a councilor 3 times a week.

LA weight loss diet

The LA weight loss program guarantees results

For their part of the planthey'll guarantee you'll reach your weight loss goal and they put this in writing to you. This sounds very good but the program is very rigid and if you stray once you void the guarantee since the guarantee is dependant on you following the program.

On a positive side the fitness program is group based and can be a good source of support as there are other dieters there with you. Having the councilors at the fitness center makes the plan convenient for time and travel purposes. But meeting 3 times a week is still alot for some.

The LA weight loss diet overall

The councilors you meet are payed using commission based on the "LA lite" nutrition bars they sell you. So these expensive extras are heavily promoted. These bars are snacks and yet form part of the program and guarantee so you're locked into buying them.

The LA weight loss diet is basically an expensive calorie controlled diet with exercise thrown in. This is something you could do for yourselfat a fraction of the cost. However if you have money to burn and you need someone to nag you 3 times a week, then it really could be for you. People have had success with it but we think, overall, if you're on a tight budget then we'd recommend you spending your dieting dollars elsewhere.

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