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Get a Beach Body with the South Beach Diet

The south beach diet book has only beenavailable since 2003 and already it has a huge following. Weall want to look goodon the beach, so what is it, howdo you do itanddoes it work?

Get a beach body with the South Beach Diet

What is the south beach diet

The diet gets it's name from the beach at Miami, South Florida whereit was invented by a cardiologist named Dr. Arthur Agatston.He has a practice nearby and created it especially for his overweight heart patients whoneeded aweight loss and eating program.

The south beach dietis centeredaround carbs and fats. For losing weight the doctorfound that there are good carbs and good fatsas well asbad carbs and bad fats. The dietworks by gradually changing the bad carbs and replacing them with good ones. It does this in3 special phases...

The 3 phases of the south beach diet

Phase 1... The 1st phase is designed to stopfurther cravings forbad carbs and fats. You do this by cutting all carbsand fats for 2 weeks.

Phase 2... Nowaselection of goodcarbsare introduced. To keep you losing weight there are still some food restrictions.You stay at this phase untilyoureach your target weight.

Phase 3... This iswhere you eat tomaintain theweight you'reat and is more of an eating guide. All good carbs and fats now become availableto beeaten in moderationasthey should be. Eventually you're left witha range of tasty foods you can eat all the timeand you're atthe weight you want.

The diet is flexible enough to allow you to eat out occasionally

South beach diet summary

Phase 1 isthe hardest part, butonly lasts 2 weeks. Phase 2 has a good range of foods and is easy to follow. Phase 3has a very wide choice and even allows restaurant visits and wine (see the official site for further details).

At theOfficial South Beach Diet websiteyou'll findlots ofhelp to succeed.There are food lists, recipes and you can get apersonal profile totailorthe planto your exact needs. It's well worth a look.

South beach diet overall

Thesouth beach dietisvery well thought out. Having 3 phases makes it easy to follow. Re-introducing good carbs and fats graduallyis a great idea. Cutting the craving for carbs in the first phasemeans it'seasier to resist them when you get back to your desired weight.

For general healththis diet is excellent.The range of foods is very wide andgood nutritionally.Overall thismakes the south beach diet highly recommended. For a free diet profile and further information Click Here.


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Further information

Official South Beach Diet Online

South Beach Diet - Start Losing Weight Today

Further information

Official South Beach Diet Online

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