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Easy Zone Diet

Created by a Dr Sears whose followers call themselves "zoners", the easy zone diet is a surprisingly simple and effective diet. Here we give you the lowdownon the Easy Zone Diet. Easy zone diet

Theeasy zone diet plan

The plan is essentially a low carb high protein plan. The easy zone diet recommends different levels of key nutrients than the recommended daily allowance. The easy zone diethas a 40-30-30 split unlike the R.D.A:

Caloriesper key nutrient (%)

Nutrient intakefor the easy zone diet

This would mean the daily gram intake from all key nutrients would be in the following amounts (see further down for a simpler approach):

Daily intake per key nutrient inR.D.A. and Zone (grams)
1 500225150371125050
1 600240160401205353
1 700255170421275656
1 800270180451355959
1 900285190471426262
2 000300200501506565
2 100315210521576868
2 200330220551657171

As the table shows the shortfall on carbohydrate is made up by protein and the fats intake stays at it is. All values are calculated using the previous percentages plus the following factors:

  • carbohydrate(4 calories per gram)
  • protein (4 calories per gram)
  • fats(9 calories per gram)
Easy zone diet

Easy zone diet meals

The easy zone diet day consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks The meals are breakfast, lunch and dinner as normal and the snacks are late afternoon and late evening.

To make the easy zone diet easy the creator says each meal should be divided into 3 equal parts. You have 1 part of low fat protein and the remaining 2 parts should be made up of vegetables and fruit. This should make each meal time fit into the 40-30-30 schedule. The snacks would be 1 portion of dairy produce (like cheese)and a glass of wine in the evening.

With 5 periods of eating, 3 meals and 2 snacks, this indicatesit is not a starvation diet but more of a different way of eating. To keep the body from storing fat, regular eating times are part of the plan even if you don't feel hungry.

To stay in the zone you should eat within 1 hour of waking and wait no longer than 4-5 hours during the day for another meal or snack. The plan has no time for carb rich foods like bread, pasta and rice. Instead your carbs should come from low GI sources like vegetables and fruit.

Easy zone diet philosophy

The easy zone diet doesn't recommend that you ignore complex carbs completely (bread, pasta), just that you should eat them in moderation.

The diet is meant to be easy going and should you leave the zone for one meal then you should get back to the zone on your next sitting. However the closer you followthe dietthe sooner the results.

Withoutthe calculations in the table the easy zone dietcan be followed just by sticking to the dividing of each meal into 3 equal parts. (1 part protein, 2 parts vegetables and fruit).

The easy zone diet overall

As mentioned at the beginning this is a simple and effective diet. By dividing the meal into 3 parts and avoiding complex carbs is as simple as it gets.

The diet certainly has the celebrity endorsements with the following people said to have used it at one time or another: Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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