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BeginnersGuide to Choosing theRight Gym

Whether you want to look good on the beach this summer or lose the pounds thethanksgiving turkey puts on, agym membership couldbe just the ticket. Here we give you a guide to choosing the right gym at the right price.

Get a good workout on the treadmill

The facilities

The beauty ofagymis thateverything youneed is there.You can run, cycle, row, cross country ski,swim or take an exercise class. If you want to tone or build your body there areweight machines and free weights.

When the workout is done, relax in the spa and jacuzzi. Then have a massageand beauty treatmentora luxury body shower. Both men and women can be pampered to their hearts content and it's all under one roof.When joining agym the range of facilities is the important factor but there are other things to consider.

Other than facilities? What else?

Think about thelocation. Is it closer to your home or workplace and when wouldyou plan to visit? Would younormally goatthe weekend from home or on the way home from work? Will the traffic be an issue at these times? Also check to see ifthere'senough parking available especially ata "center of town" gym.

If it's classes you're after,see ifthere's a good range. Make sure they have some scheduled for the times you'dnormally go.See how popular they are,you'd want the class tohave more people therethan just you and the instructor. The best way to check all this out, isto geta complimentary pass. Allgyms will let you haveone day, but a little persuading should get you a whole week. This willenable youto get a sense of the general atmosphere and see how busyit gets.

Always negotiate the cost of the membership

Negotiate the cost

So you've found thegymyou want to join, now comesthepayment. Nearly all gyms will want youon a 12 month contract. Then there may be a joining fee and monthly payments on top of that. All payments and sometimes the contracts are negotiable. Swing this in your favor byapplying towards the end of the month.Gym managers are often paid bonusesfor good monthly figures so they'll be more inclined to drop their prices to include you.

You may also be told there's a promotion or some incentive that runs out at the end of the month. Take this with a pinch of salt, there'susually a promotion every month and they're all worth about the same so you wouldn't be missing out.

Why use a Gym?

Ok, running, cycling,rowing etc doesn't have to be done in a health club,they're certainlymore enjoyable outside. But the weather may bebad and the only body shower you'll get will be the rain falling on your head. Whereas in thegymthe spa is only minutes away.

Fortotal convenience these places just have to be sampled. So pop down to the local gym, get aweeks complimentary pass and give it a go, you won't regret it.

Gym checklist

  • Facilities
    • C.V. machines (treadmills)
    • Resistance machines
    • Studios
    • Swimming pool
    • Spa
    • Changing areas
  • Location
    • Parking
  • Opening times
  • Price

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The longestdistance run on a treadmill in a 24 hour period is 153.76 miles by Chris Bergland of New York

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