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BeginnersGuide to Jogging& Running for Fitness

For a choice of exercise or sport they don't get much easier and cheaper than jogging & running. A total body workout is available just by putting some shoes on, heading out the door and finding apark or route to run in.

Running was invented many years ago...

The act of running

Invented by humans some years ago for catching prey and escaping danger running is becoming popular again. People are re-discovering the feeling it gives.The confidence and determination during a run andthe sense of achievement and euphoria afterwards.

Running is one of the best exercises for improving health and fitness. It involvesnearlyevery majormuscle group andgreatly improvesthe cardiovascular (heart) system.For weight loss you'll burn around 130 calories every 10 minutes depending how fast you go.

To begin with...

For those who've been inactive for a long period a slow build up is essential, injuries can easily occurif too much is done too soon. A beginner woulddo better training bytime spent running rather than distance covered.As the weeks go by and fitness improves,you gradually increase that time.

While running is suitable for most there are some who may not get much out of it. For people who arevery overweight, running may not be a good first choice activity. There won'tbe much satisfaction from running for 10 or 20 seconds before having to stop. Cycling or swimming would bea betteralternative sosome strength and weight loss canbe established.

Entering races can be an enjoyable part of running

Running resources

As you're running progresses you may want to keep a record of your achievements. This is where a running log comes in.The websites listed on the right have someonline versions. Youenter the details ofyour run and it stores the information for you andcan be viewed as a graph.

Other resourcesincluderunning schedules. These are routines you can followthathelpyou optimize the running thatyou do. Follow this link for an ideal beginners running schedule. An advanced runner will cover around 40-70 miles a week, click onthe following linkfor an advanced running schedule.

The dreaded marathon

The ultimate goal for many is the marathon and every major city has one (book early as they're often over subscribed). 26.2 long miles to stretch the human body to its limits. Most experts recommend at least a year of running experience before it's attempted. A run of 3 to 4 hours doesneedsomepreparation.

To get the most out of running, be sure to varyyourroutes, find some running partners andenter some races and you'll soon start feeling the runners high.

Beginners, Intermediate and AdvancedRunning Schedules

Beginners guide to running shoes

A typical London marathon contains...

Finishers medals31500
Medical staff1200
Portable toilets950
Pubs along the course76

Jogging, running and exercise calorie counter

Simply enter your weight, your activity and how long you performed the activity for andyou're toldhow many calories you've burned.

Specialist running sites...

Runners World Online

Cool Running - Good running log

Hal Higdon - Scroll down and left for training schedules

Specialist running store...

Paragon Sports

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