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Status of the human body and mind despite the distractions of the world today.

Healthy lifeexpectancy

72.6 Australia
70.6 United Kingdom
69.3 USA

34.9 Zambia
33.6 Zimbabwe
33.4 Angola
31.4 Lesotho
28.6 Sierra Leone

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Summary - Acne
Body mass index
Hair loss myths
Magnetic therapy
How does stress affect health
Quit smoking
Self confidence
Smoking today
Stress today

Alcohol Addiction, Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Recovery

With recipes discovered as far back as 4,300 BC alcohol has been popular through the ages. Even during prohibition it's popularity couldn't be controlled. There seems to be no slowdown today. Here we look at the dangers of regular excessive alcohol consumption.

How does stress affect health

With our lives being as sedentary as they are excessive stress is the ultimate 21st century disease. Here we look at stress, stress management and stress reduction in detail.

Obesity as an Issue Today and the Half Ton Man

Following recent reports of a South Dakota man weighing half a ton, and losing 500 pounds in one year (he still weighs over 450!). Obesity has become part of the headlines once again.

Finally Stop & Quit Smoking Forever

The biggest modern day killer is amazingly still available to anyone who wishes to slowly kill themselves. With 70% of smokers reportedly wanting to stop, here we have the lowdown on how to finally stop and quit smoking forever.

The Real Costs of Stress Today

Governments and businesses have regularly highlighted the costs of stress to them in monetary terms. The real cost is the affect on the lives of the people who suffer from it.

1 in 4 People in the World Today, Smoke

Despite all the knowledge of the consequences to health, absolutely zero health benefits (even alcohol has some), people still choose to begin smoking and, more importantly, the world still allows it.

Beginners Guide to Self Confidence

We watch the star athlete calmly make the final shot, score the winning goal, or lead his team for a touchdown in the final minute of the game. We marvel at their talent and their determination, but what we value and admire most is the supreme confidence they display they know they will succeed.

Hair Loss Myths Revealed

Since the world exists, hair is symbol of youth, power and virility. In fact, we often say that abundant hair is priceless. It is thus not surprising that, for the common human being, the idea to lose its hair can be disappointing. Not such a long time ago, we knew few things about hair loss. This phenomenon thus gave birth to many myths. Here we will try to demystify those myths.

Beginners Guide to Acne

Acne affects almost everyone. But don't just look in the mirror and cringe. Fight back! This article explains acne and the treatments you can use to stop acne affecting your life.

Beginners Guide to the Body Mass Index

Body mass index is a relatively well known phrase but do you know what it is and how to measure it. Here we explain the term, how to calculate it and the best ways to reduce it to improve your health.

Beginners Guide to Depression

Major depression can greatly affect a person's ability to function at home and/or at work, and inhibit the enjoyment of life in any way. Some people suffer depression only once but others may experience it several times in their lifetime.

Beginners Guide to Magnetic Therapy

Discover how to use magnetic therapy for natural pain relief. Learn about the history of magnetic therapy and why it is so effective at relieving pain without any side effects. Here is the beginners guide to magnetic therapy.

Beginners Guide to Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is usually found in those previously exposed to asbestos. Here is the beginners guide to mesothelioma.

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