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1 in 4 People in the World Today, Smoke

Despite all the knowledge of the consequences to health, absolutely zero health benefits (even alcohol has some),people still choose to begin smoking and, more importantly, the world still allows it.

Smoking when pregnant can seriously affect the baby's health for it's entire life

So why do peoplebegin

Many of the reasonscan beage related. Smoking is an adult activity and young people like to emulate adults. There may be pressure from others, the reasons are many but it only takes one...

So the firstcigarette is tried andit's addictive qualities take over. The effectis immediateand apparent and a repeat experience is not so much a desire but more of a need and thenon-smoker becomes a smoker.

Growth of use against knowledge of side effects

Tobacco became available globally in the 1880's and consumptionhas grown ever since. The biggest increases were observed during and after the two world wars. Knowledge of the adverse health effects only started gaining public acceptance in the late 1960's. By then both governments andthe tobacco related industry depended onit's revenues, and millions were addicted anyway.

Things have not changed today, tobacco companies are now multi-billion dollar corporations providingover 100 million people worldwide with employment. Tax revenues from cigarettes alone can account for 5% and more for somecountry's entire tax revenues. (source: WHO).

Smoking is increasingly being banned in public places in the western world

Quitting smoking has alsobecome an industry

As well as initiativesfunded bygovernments there are profitable organizations whose entire businessis helping peoplequit. Ranging from gumand pharmaceuticals to hypnosis and no smoking days.

The habit's most common illnesses have had an affect on smoking existing for so long. Diseases due to smoking generally take many, many years to develop before they impact the users health if at all. During these years a constant stream of revenue is generated.

The future for tobacco

With governments not choosinga ban the only other choiceis to stop people starting in the first place. The price of cigarettes hasbeen proven to help in this regard.Those on a low income, such as teenagers, who are greatly aware of thehealthissues anyway will not start an activity that also costs them too much.

For the industry the developing world and it's lack of health education has becometheir biggest market.A disturbing quote from BAT one of the industries biggest manufacturers saidin1994 "...we see the new markets opening up inCentral Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States as really being the future of BAT well into the next century...". Sadly what was oncequoteis nowfact. Onlygovernmentalaction on a global basiswill have any chance in dealing withour biggest killer.

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Top 5 countries
(Billions of cigarettes consumed)

China1 643

Some contaminants of tobacco smoke
(And their more common uses)

Acetone- Paint stripper
Ammonia- Floor cleaner
Arsenic- Ant poison
Cadmium- Car batteries
DDT- Insecticide
Methanol- Rocket fuel
Toluene- Industrial solvent

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