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Finally Stop & Quit Smoking Forever

The biggest modern day killer isamazingly still available to anyone who wishes to slowly kill themselves. With 70% of smokers reportedly wanting to stop, here wehavethe lowdownon how to finally stop and quit smoking forever.

stop & quit smoking reduces illnesses

Before you quit smoking

Before you actually stop smoking think aboutthe following things to help you prepare yourself for the struggle:

Realize why you need to stop

Some health reasons:

  • 8.6 millionpeople today have at least one serious illness caused by smoking (this figure grows by the day)

  • Nearly500,000 people die each year in USA alone from smoking

  • On average the smoker can expect to lose 14 years life expectancy

  • Nearly 1,000 infant deaths each year are caused by smoking during pregnancy

Tosummarize the smoker and those around themwill die sooner because of the smoker. This includes partners,families andfriends whoare all susceptible to smoking illnesses thanks to the smoker.

Smokers and their clothes alsosmell and they make everything around them including other people smell too. The smell is reminiscent of a barand the it remains withthe smokerand those around them all day every day.

See a doctor or physician - Get advice from expertswho have supervised people quitting. Talk through any chemical help available like gums and nicotine patches. Talk about using the drug Zyban as a possible quitting aid.

There are now "fake cigarettes" that can deliver a measured burst of nicotine to help quitting.Talk through all available help to see if you can use any of it. Statistics show you are far more likely to quit with a no smoking aid.

Set the date - Pick a day where there will be no temptations and little stress. Try to have a date where for the following 2-3 weeks you will encounter few "triggers" that encourage one more cigarette.

Pick a date and stick to it. This is the new dayin your life wherehealth plays a part. This is the daywhere you will beginto have a longer more fulfilling life.

Quit cold turkey - Many people have found success this way, for some itwas either smoke or not smoke at all. Some do not have the ability to cut down so quitting cold turkeywas theirbest solution.

Consider this yourself, quitting cold turkey does make the cravings worse but they don't last as long. This iswhere cutting down means you have mini cravings over a longer period. Keep an open mind about the quittingroute you wish to take.

Tell people you're stopping - Let everyone know especially fellow smokers of your quitting date, you need to stay away from temptation and encourage those around youto help.

Tell your family and friends of your plans and the date you have set.You're stopping for them as well as yourself.Those close to youcanbe a vital source of support and determination during the hard times.

Trash all smoking paraphernalia - Just beforeyour quitdate get rid of all the remaining cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, everything you connect with smoking. Even if you have a smoking chair consider trashing it or moving it to another position.Just be sure to remove all associations with smoking before thequit date to make quitting itself easier.

During you quitting smoking

stop & quit smoking to reduce illness

The period when you have just quit to the 2-3 weeks after are the worst. Whether you quit cold turkey or by cutting back heresome tips:

Put smoking money into a jar - All the money you would spend on tobacco place it into a jar and see it physically rise. Plan to do some thing enjoyable with the money you raise not smoking as a reward.

Temporarily avoid places where you smoke - Whether it'sa bar or restaurant try to find 2-3 weeks where you can avoid the "trigger" places.Let the physical craving go before you re-enter those places or situations if you can.

Know your cravings - They really do last only 2-3 minutes so know them and realize that the feeling is brief. Do something else with your hands or chew some gum. Know that the craving only lasts 2-3 minutes and will ease more and more as the days go by.

Chew gum after eating a meal - One of the most popular times for a cigarette is after a meal so resist the craving and eat some gum. This means you're mouth will have something to do which cuts the cravings for nicotine.

Resist a cigarette with alcohol - Thisis difficult at first butresist it once and it becomes easier and easier over time. Keep resisting the temptation and a non-smoking future will be yours.

Don't have "just one more" - This is how you got addicted in the first place and will lead you to addiction again. Avoid the "one morewon't hurt" situation. This is merely the addiction talking and is the quickest way to becoming a smoker again.

Don't wake up with a cigarette - Every time you normally have a cigarette you must remember not to. Find something else to do or just resist. Again, the cravings only last 2-3 minutes so just ignore it and realize it will get easier over time and stops altogether within 2-3 weeks.

Don't ever have another - Make sure you don't have one "for old times sake". Make sure you remain an ex-smoker and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Just one cigarette will put you back on the wrongpath so resist any temptation.

After you've quit smoking

Success to stop & quit smoking

So it's about a month after your last cigarette and the physical cravings would now have passed. Any further cravingsnow arepsychological or a force of habit and not physical so resistance should now be easier.

Breathe deeply - Now you should have found that breathing has become easier and deeper since you gave up the habit. Your lung capacity will continue to increase while your body gets rid of the tar deposits around the lungs. So breathe deeply and enjoy the sensation.

Have more energy - The oxygen will get to your muscles easier and faster as deposits around blood vessels and arteries begin clearing. This will give you the feeling of more energy and re-vitalization.

Celebrate! - Take all the money you would have spent on tobacco and do something enjoyable with friends and family. Now is the time to enjoy lifeas you've just extended itby about 14 years (true, as long as you never smoke again).

Don't give in - Remember the feeling of needing a cigarette may wander back into the mind occasionally but remember that it doesn't last and that you are a non-smoker now.

Stop & quit smoking overall

Lets' face it cigarettes will never be banned while our governments and corporations make so much money so it is up to thesmoker to stop the habit.

Even if you're finding it difficult to stop just keep trying andtry alternative ways to do so. With the dangers we know about smoking don't give up giving up.

Top 5 countries
(Billions of cigarettes consumed)

China1 643

Some contaminants of tobacco smoke
(And their more common uses)

Acetone- Paint stripper
Ammonia- Floor cleaner
Arsenic- Ant poison
Cadmium- Car batteries
DDT- Insecticide
Methanol- Rocket fuel
Toluene- Industrial solvent

Percentage of population
(who smoke at least one cigarette per day)

New Zealand25
Czech Republic24.1
OECD Health Data

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