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The Real Costs of Stress Today

Governments and businesses have regularly highlighted the costs of stress to them in monetary terms. But the real cost is the effect on the lives of the people whosuffer from it. Here we give you how stress effects body.

Stress at work

It's impact today

An individual's life can be enormously affected by stress especially when it's excessive and prolonged. Not onlytheir health andworking life, but also their friends and family. The straincan be felt by many.

Unfortunately the suffereris often notaware of the problem, going through their daily lives in a constantstate of anxiety. The very nature of the problem, being the ability to cope, leads many to denyit exists and suffer in silence.

Stress master class

As humans we all need to experience stress. It provides us with extra alertness to deal with situations thatneedphysical exertionor special attention. The bodycan cope if we allow it to, but that can be difficult intoday's world. Stressful events canhappen repeatedly and without warning causing levels to build and build.

If this continues with no respite symptomsbegin to emerge. The ability to think clearly or logicallybecomes impaired.Activities that were easy become a struggle.Sleepisaffectedand the situationworsens. At this stage theproblemneeds to be assessed, for thebenefitof the sufferer and those around them.

Relive stress for inner confidence

Coping strategies

If this sounds familiar there arethings you cando that will help. One of themis exercise.Exerciseuses the stress chemicals up bydoing exactlywhat theywere designedfor.

Anotherstrategyis to form a differentoutlook onevents that occur, be more accepting. Remember that some things are totally out of your control. Manage your time betterand learn to say no to people.

Stress as an issue today

These days stressis becomingmore recognized for the realproblem it is.Doctors are aware of it, they know the symptomsandhavetreatments.

Stressfor the future though does not look good,the human body continues to evolvefar slower than our knowledge. Today's lifestyle ismore competitive andphysically inactivethan it's ever been, andthis shows no sign of slowing.Our only hope is forthisevolvingknowledgeto someday bringbetter treatments.

How to beat stress

Click above for a complete stress management guide.


  • High blood pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Cold hands or feet
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Sweaty palms
  • Skin problems
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Reproductive problems

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