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Beginners Guide to Vitamin C

There are many vitamins that make up a part of a healthy daily diet, but perhaps none have been as widely studied as vitamin C - also know as Ascorbic Acid. Here is the beginners guide to vitamin C.

viatmin C

Vitamin C in the body

This water soluble vitamin plays a role in many important bodily functions. Since it is water soluble, it must be continuously replenished because what the body does not use is eliminated via the urine.

Vitamin C has been studied for everything from its ability to fight off colds and flu to the possibility of preventing cancer. There is still much excitement surrounding the power of vitamin C, and it is still the subject of much ongoing research.

Vitamin C in the diet

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 60mg. While vitamin C supplements are widely available, inexpensive and easy to take, the foundation of vitamin C intake is still a healthy and varied diet. Fortunately, there are many fruits and vegetables which are delicious and rich in vitamin C, including of course the wonderful orange. One orange supplies a full 65mg of vitamin C, while a single slice of kiwi fruit can have as much as 180mg per slice. In addition, guava fruit, orange juice and grapefruit juice are delicious sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the most common of all vitamin supplements, and it has been taken by many people for a variety of reasons. From preventing colds and flu to helping in the fight against cancer, vitamin C supplements have been widely studied for many years. Most vitamin C supplements will be either 500mg or 1000mg strengths.

Vitamin C and other vitamins

Vitamin C works well along with vitamin E and other antioxidant vitamins, and many people prefer to use the two supplements together in balance, or to take a daily multivitamin that contains both elements.

While there are no known problems associated with an over-abundance of Vitamin C, it is a good idea to stick within recommended daily allowances. Overdoses of vitamin C can cause diarrhea in some people, especially as the body adjusts to higher levels of the vitamin. Those who develop such symptoms are advised to cut down on the amount until their bodies have had a chance to adjust.

Vitamin C overall

The most well known vitamin C deficiency is a disease called scurvy, and while scurvy is rarely seen today, vitamin C deficiencies can manifest in other ways, including such symptoms as reduced healing of wounds and poor skin tone.

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